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Unit 1 Uncertainties There are always uncertainties involved in measurements and in calculations that involve measurements with uncertainties. There are also methods that can help reduce uncertainties of measure quantities. One of these methods is to make multiply measurements of a quantity. From these measurements a standard deviation can be calculated. In appendix II of the lab manual this method is discussed and an example is shown. Many of the calculators can also perform a standard deviation. Break out the manual for the calculator and practice with the example in the back of the book there will be other labs where you will use the standard deviation and the calculator is a time saving device. Standard Deviation is a statistical function. Below are a few examples for a few different calculators. In our example we will use the data from the manual on page 131. TI-30 For most TI 30 models. Enter each data point by entering the number then pressing the + key. Once all the data points has been enter select 2
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