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a total mutation said lark no put that word out of

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Unformatted text preview: male friend, he was 'tall and thin and had long hair and wore a hat.' " " 'Long hair'! You're sure of that." "As sure as the woman in Paris who told this to the family's detec- tives." Lark shrugged. "When Rowan was seen in Donnelaith it was also with a tall thin male companion who had long black hair." "And you haven't heard one word from her since the night before she sent you this stuff." "Correct. She said she'd get in touch as soon as she could." "What about the call? Any record? Did she call collect?" "She told me she was in Geneva. She told me what I already told you. She was desperate to get this stuff to me. That she'd try to get it out before morning, that I was to bring it to you. She said that she gave birth to the subject in question. The amniotic fluid was in the pieces and bits of towel. Her own blood, sputum, and hair was included for analysis as well. I hope you did that analysis." "You bet I did." "How did she give birth to something that isn't a human being? I want everything you've dis...
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