Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

aaron appeared to be intrigued wheres your friend

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Unformatted text preview: ile broadened. "It's nice to realize that. I can do things. I can ... do something completely new. I hadn't thought of it before." Then his face darkened. "But I have a destiny," he said softly. "What is it?" "To discover why all this happened with the Talamasca. To dis- cover . . . who made what decision when. Don't tell me. It sounds very governmental. Central Intelligence, that sort of thing. Tonight I was at the house of Mona Mayfair, using her computer. I tried to reach the Motherhouse archives. Every code was blocked. Imagine changing so many codes, just to defeat me. Maybe it is always done. But never did anyone change a code while I was there. No, it's crazy." Michael nodded. For him, things were really simple. He was going to kill the thing. But why explain? "Tell Aaron I'm sorry I couldn't be there for the wedding. I wanted to be." "Yes, he knows. Be careful. Watch. And listen. Two enemies, re- member?" And with that Yuri stepped back and then darted...
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