Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

aaron refuses to do this adamantly he will not leave

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Unformatted text preview: here appeared Evelyn above the edge of the roof, her white hands on the green vines. Up she came and across the porch top and I could hear her voice through the thick glass, "Open the window, Oncle Julien! It's Evie, open to me." I couldn't move. I stared at her, my eyes brimming. "Oh darling," I whispered in my heart. And then Evie called on her witches' gifts, and with her hands and her gifts she sent the window rattling upward. She reached inside and took me by my shoulders, so frail and small I must have been by then. She brought me forward and kissed me. "Oh darling, yes, yes . . ." And beyond her, spreading out over the whole sky, the storm gath- ered. I heard the first raindrops strike the porch roof beneath her. I felt them on my face. I saw the trees begin to move in their fury. And I heard the wind, wailing as if he were wailing, lashing the trees and crying in his grief as he had on the death of my mother, and on the death of her mother. Yes, it...
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