Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

absinthe my own voice came in a hoarse whisper out

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Unformatted text preview: leth's world, Emaleth heard Father calling. Mother, Father has waked up. I can hear him. He's calling. Mother stepped into the street. The cars and trucks roared by. Mother rushed towards a big noisy truck that rose up before her like a wall of shining steel, looking just like a big face with a mean mouth and nose above her. Yes, darling dear, that about covers it. With all her might. Mother managed to make the high step and pull open the door. "Please, sir, take me with you, wherever you are going! I have to go!" Mother slammed the door of the truck. "Drive, for the love of God, I'm only a woman alone. I can't hurt you!" Emaleth, where are you? "Lady, you need to get to a hospital. You're sick," said the man but he obeyed. The big truck took off, the motor filling the world with noise. Mother was sick with the rattle and bounce of the truck, with pain. Circular pain. Mother's head fell back on the seat. Emaleth, your mother has hurt me! Mother, he is calling to us. Darling, if you love me,...
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