Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

ah he did but that was long long ago that was in

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Unformatted text preview: , staring at the door to the pantry. In the blink of an eye Michael had seen it too. The figure of Julien standing in the doorway, vivid, musing, gray-haired and blue-eyed, arms folded, barring the way. But Lasher was already darting down the hallway as the other men struggled clumsily to follow his fleet and noiseless steps. Michael knocked Aaron backwards, out of his way, and went after them, shov- ing Stolov hard to one side and dealing a vicious blow to Norgan so that the man buckled and went down. Lasher had come to a halt. The thing stood frozen, staring towards the front of the house. Again Michael saw it. The very same figure of Julien, framed within the giant keyhole front door. Still, smiling, arms folded as before. As Michael lunged at Lasher, he danced to the side, and pivoted and ran up the stairs. Michael was right behind him, chest heaving, his hands out, just missing the hem of Lasher's black cassock, the edge of his black leather shoe. He heard Stolov's shout close behind...
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