Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

and you havent heard one word from her since the

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Unformatted text preview: ifth and January twenty-seventh. No change in any measurement. Which is why I'm saying it may have reached maturity, but I don't know. The skull is not fully developed, but that may be as developed as it gets." "How much did it grow between December and January?" "It grew three inches. Growth took place mostly in the thighs, with some growth in the forearms and a very slight lengthening of the fingers. Its hands, by the way, are very long. The head became slightly larger. Not enough to attract attention, probably. But it's larger than a normal head. Say the word and I'll show what I mean on the com- puter. I'll show you how it looks, moves . . ." "No, just tell me. What else?" "What else?" Mitch demanded. "Yes, what else." "That's not enough? Lark, you have to explain all this to me. Where were these tests taken? This stuff is from clinics all over Europe. Who did these tests?" "Rowan did the tests, we think. The family's been working on it. But the...
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