Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

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Unformatted text preview: e more stupid. Shame on you, Julien. Maybe the simple fact is I am more capable of love than you are." We argued about this all of our lives. All of our lives. LASHER I once suggested in rapid debate that most women were morally flawed and could be led to anything. She quietly pointed out to me that she felt a deep honor-bound responsibility to Lasher, which I, the pragmatist and diplomat, did not feel. I was the one morally flawed, she said. And perhaps she was right. Whatever the case, I always felt an abhorrence for the thing. And she didn't feel it. "When you are gone someday," she said, "there will be only I and that thing. It will be my love, my solace, my witness. I do not really care what it is or whence it comes. I do not care what I am or whence I come. The idea that I can think of myself in those terms is an illu- sion. She was then fifteen, tall, black-haired, very sturdy of build and very pretty in a dark strong way which some men would not have found appealing. Her manner was quiet, and highly persuasive. All admire...
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