Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

do you think this thing was planned lauren asked her

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Unformatted text preview: into the shirt as the woman held it for her. Now, this cloth was nicer. More like the towel with which the woman kept patting her hair. Emaleth's hair was golden yellow. It looked so LASHER bright on the woman's fingers, and the inside of the woman's hand was pink, not brown. Emaleth looked down at the shirt buttons. The woman reached out with nimble fingers and buttoned one button. Very quick. Like that. Emaleth knew this. She buttoned the other buttons very fast. She laughed. Father said, "You will be born knowing, as birds know how to build their nests, as giraffes know how to walk, as turtles know to crawl from the land and swim in the open sea, though no one has ever shown them. Remember human beings are not born with this instinctive knowledge. Human beings are born half-formed and helpless, but you will be able to run and talk. You will recognize everything." Well, not everything, Emaleth thought, but she did know that was a clock on the wall, and that was a radio on the...
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