Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

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Unformatted text preview: me now, and I felt a thrill in this, this closeness with him. I had half a mind to invite him into the trees, and give myself over to him. I was addicted as I said. But I had to LASHER remember my beloved sister. She might wake and cry and think that I had left her. "Remember all these things," he said again. "For this house will last." As I came into the hallway, I saw him in the high dining room door with his hands on the frame. How it soared above him with its tapered keyhole shape, more narrow above, and thereby looking higher. I turned to note that the front door, through which I'd just come, which I had left wide open, was of the same design, and there he stood, as if he had never been in the other place at all, a man like me with his hands on the frame, peering back at me. "Would you live after death, Julien? Of all my witches you ask me so little about that final darkness." "You don't know anything about it, Lasher," I commented. "You said so yourself." "Don't...
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