Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

eleven the note was waiting for him when he picked

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Unformatted text preview: t wasn't the family's fault that Gifford Mayfair had died unexpectedly in Destin, Florida, that the last two days had been en- tirely devoted to a wake and a funeral and a sustained pitch of grief which Lark had seldom witnessed in his lifetime. Lightner had been drawn away over and over again by the women of the family, sent on errands, called for consolation and advice. Lark had scarcely had two words with him. Lark had gone to the wake last night out of prurient curiosity. He could not imagine Rowan Mayfair living with these strange garrulous southerners, who spoke of the living and the dead with equal enthusi- asm. And what a handsome well-oiled crowd they were. Seems every- body drove a Beamer or Jag or Porsche. The jewels looked real. The genetic mix included good looks, whatever else came with it. Then there was the husband; everybody was protecting this Mi- chael Curry. The man looked ordinary enough; in fact, he looked as good as all the others. Well fed, well groomed. Certainly not like a man who...
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