Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

franciscans from italy you mean the order of st

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Unformatted text preview: d her, and anyone not afraid of her unflinching gaze and mannish poise usually was smitten by her. I was impressed, of course. All the more because after saying such a thing, she could smile and do this trick which never failed to delight me: to take the thick braid of her black hair and untangle it so that the whole veil spilled over her shoulders in sharp little waves, and then shake it out and laugh, as if transforming herself at once in that gesture from my intellectual companion to a budding woman. But understand, I was the only male ever to have power with Lasher. And I still maintain that I had a male's immunity to the thing's blandishments. And mark, I've been frank with you about my male amours. I am not prejudiced against that love that dares not say its name, and so forth. Love to me ... is love. In my heart of hearts I loathed the creature! I loathed its reckless mistakes! I loathed its sense of humor. Alors. Sharing my ambition in every regard, Mary Beth became familiar with our business dealings from early...
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