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gifford had asked her in amazement ceecee laughing

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Unformatted text preview: y." But why speak? Why speak at all? She had given up this sort of feisty foolishness long ago. She would wear herself crazy today going back to this sort of chatter. But what was this man's name? What on earth was he saying now? Oh, she'd remember if she tried, who he was, and where she'd seen him last, or most, and that he'd come with a delivery or two, or that he'd waved to her in the evening as he walked along, but was it worth it to remember such things? Like following the string back through the labyrinth. Oh bother! Or stupid bother! The young man came down the steps. "Ancient Evelyn, won't you let me help you inside? How pretty you look today, with that lovely pin on your dress." I'm sure I do, she thought dreamily. Hiding in the body of this old woman. But why say such things to hurt the feelings of an innocent man, an unimportant man, even if he was hairless and anemic? He didn't know how long she'd been an old woman! Why it had started not long after Laura Lee was born, in a way, her walking the wicker baby carriage all the way up here and round and back around the cemetery. Might as well have been old. "How did you know my granddaughter died! Who told you?" It was astonishing. She wasn't certain now how s...
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