Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

good heavens they must be going crazy i dont know

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Unformatted text preview: stantly, just like the Wilkes family in Gone with the Wind." "They have to cooperate. This is too important. I'm wondering if this damned thing could skip a generation. I mean . . . the possibilities make me dizzy. As for the husband, we can get his records right now?" "Let me ask him. It's always best to try to be polite. But they are at San Francisco General and there's nothing stopping your picking up the phone as soon as I walk out of here. Curry let them study him. He wanted to know what this gift in his hands was all about. He might have let you study him if you'd reached him in time. The press kind of drove him underground. He kept seeing images, knowing things about people. I think he ended up wearing gloves to stop the images from popping into his head." "Yes, yes, I filed the whole story," said Mitch. He stopped, stymied for an instant, it seemed, then opened his desk drawer and drew out a huge yellow legal pad covered with scribbled messages and, taking a pen out of his pocket, began to scrawl some near-indecipherable message to himself. He started murmuring and then cleared his t...
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