Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

he gestured to the two shiny fax copies on the table

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Unformatted text preview: . She wore a red wool dress, and a fancy belt. She stood near to the fire for a moment, warming her hands; then she drew closer, gathering the attention of Aaron and Beatrice, and even Darling Viv. There was a cool authority to her. "Everyone's together," she said to Aaron meaningfully. "Everyone is all right. They are patrolling this block and the one across the street, and two blocks uptown and two blocks down." "It will be peaceful for a while, I think," said Aaron. "He blun- dered, like a child. He could have caused more death, more suffer- ing . . ." "Oh, darlings, please," said Beatrice. "Must we speak of this? Polly Mayfair, sweetheart, go back downtown to the office. They need you there." Polly Mayfair, Sweetheart, ignored Beatrice completely. "We're ready for him," said Aaron. "We are many and he is one. He'll come." LASHER "Come?" Polly Mayfair, Sweetheart, was puzzled. "Why do you say he'll come? Why...
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