Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

he sat down and began to pile these books in a

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Unformatted text preview: r lanterns must have been visible for miles around. And suddenly, I felt strangely naked and undefended. We should have gone up to the ruins of the castle, I thought. And then I realized it. We had not heard from our spirit all day. We had not felt his touch, his nudge, his breath. The thrill of fear deepened. "Lasher, come to me," I whispered". I feared suddenly that he had gone off to do some terrible thing to those we loved, that he was angry. But he was quick to respond. As I walked out alone with my un- lighted lantern in the tall grass, each step an ordeal since I was so sore from the ride, he came with a great cooling breeze, and made the grass bow to me in a huge circle. "I am not angry with you, Julien," he said. But his voice was thick with suffering. "We are in our land, the land of Donnelaith. I see what you see, and I weep for what I see, for I remember what there was once in this valley." "Tell me, spirit," I said. "Ah, the great church which you know, and...
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