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her words gave me a little thrill of fear we were

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Unformatted text preview: they were Catholic in their own strange way. And that was their downfall." "Explain," said I, pouring him another glass of port, and peering over the parchment map which he spread out before us. This was a facsimile, he explained, that he'd made himself from the real thing under glass in the British Museum. "The town reached its height in the fourteen hundreds. There is some evidence it was a market town. The loch was a true port in those times. Rumor was, the Cathedral was magnificent. Not the church Bede mentions, you understand, but a Cathedral which had taken cen- turies to build, and all the time under the wing of the Clan of Don- nelaith, who were devoted to this saint, and regarded him as the guardian of all Scots, and the one someday to save the nation. "You have to go to travel accounts for descriptions of the shrine, and there isn't very much there, and nobody has ever bothered to compile it." "I'll compile it," I said. "If you have a century to stay here, you might," said he, "but you ought...
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