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i could have told you that said mona aarons utter

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Unformatted text preview: n't answer. "Dad, she had a miscarriage up there," said Pierce, "and you and I both know-" The young man stopped himself but the blow was struck. "My mother was high-strung," he said. "She and my father ..." Ryan didn't reply. His rage had hardened into something worse. i77 Michael shook his head before he could stop himself. Mona's face was impassive as ever. "There was evidence of a miscarriage?" Aaron asked. "Well, she suffered a uterine hemorrhage," said Pierce. "That's what the local doctor said, some kind of miscarriage." "He doesn't know," said Ryan. "The local doctors said she died from loss of blood. That's all they knew. Loss of blood. She started to hemorrhage and she didn't or couldn't call for help. She died on the sand. My wife was an affectionate and normal woman. But she was forty-six years old. It is highly unlikely she had a miscarriage. Indeed, it is almost a preposterous idea. She suffered from fibroid tumors." "Dad, let them test wh...
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