Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

i dont know if you should do this said the young

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Unformatted text preview: aron called a magnolia. It had no blossoms, this tree. Too early. But it had the largest shiniest green leaves. On and on Stolov talked, in his quiet persuasive entirely sympa- thetic manner. And Aaron's eyes were two pieces of cold gray stone. Reflecting nothing. Revealing nothing except the anger. Aaron looked at Yuri. What did he see? Yuri shot a meaningful glance towards Stolov, but this was as narrow and quick as a splinter of light, a spark. Aaron's eyes moved back to Stolov. Stolov had not glanced at Yuri. Stolov's attentions were entirely fixed upon Aaron, as if this was a victory he must have. "If you won't leave tonight, then surely tomorrow," said Stolov. Aaron said nothing. Stolov had poured out everything now, at least two complete times. A beautiful elderly woman with dark smooth gray hair stood at the end of the wooden porch and called to Aaron. He waved and gestured that he would be coming. He looked at Stolov. "Good God, man, say something," said Stolov. &quo...
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