Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

i know then everything reverts to rowan with

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Unformatted text preview: in the middle beneath her stiff starched cap. She was nunlike in her sterility and cleanliness. She glanced at the older nurse, a dark-faced black woman who spoke not a word. LASHER "We're going to lay hands on her and try to heal her," said Paige Mayfair. "It probably won't do any good, but we all have this gift. We are going to try." "I don't know if you should do this!" said the young nurse distrust- fully. But then the older black woman shook her head negatively, and gestured to let it all go by. "Go on out, both of you," said Michael in a quiet commanding voice. The nurses left. Mona closed the door. "It's so strange," said Lily. "This is like being from a family of great musicians, yet not knowing how to read music, not even knowing how to carry a tune." Only Paige Mayfair seemed unembarrassed, the one from away, the one who hadn't grown up in the shadow of First Street, hearing people answer each other's thoughts as easily as each...
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