Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

i saw the courage and happiness and peace on every

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Unformatted text preview: s, the time that the restless dead walked. Outside this valley, they say we harbor witches, that indeed, we of Donnelaith have the witches' gifts in our blood. They say our valley is filled with the little people who carry within them the souls of the restless dead! Papists, witchcraft-these denunciations are mixed together by men who fight to the death for the right to say that Christ is not in the bread and wine! That to pray to the Mother of God is a sin!" "I understand." Inwardly, I shuddered. The little people carry within them the souls of the restless dead? "They call our saint an idol! They call us Devil worshipers! Our Christ is the Living Christ." "And I must strengthen the people ..." I murmured. "This does not mean that I myself shall shed blood." "Only raise your voice for the Son of God," said my father. "Rally the people, and silence the malcontents! For we have them among us, Puritans who would turn the tide, and even those who claim that there are...
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