Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

i see i said but what if you didnt want it around

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Unformatted text preview: everything he desires-wine, women, and wealth beyond imagining. But he cannot seek to know the family secrets. Leave it in the hands of the great witch, for she sees all and directs all, and upon that principle our vast power has been founded." Well, I wanted to know what this was about. I had no intention of merely accepting the situation. And my grandmother, never someone 251 not to catch the eye, became for me an extreme magnet of curiosity. Meantime, my mother, Marguerite, grew rather distant. She snatched me up and kissed me whenever we chanced to meet but that wasn't often. She was always going into the city to shop, to see the opera, to dance, to drink, to do God knows what, or locking herself in her study screaming if anyone dared to disturb her. I found her most fascinating of course. But my grandmother Marie Claudette was more a constant figure. And she became for me in my idle moments-which were few-a great irresistible attraction. First let me explain about my other learning. The b...
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