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i sighed and john knox well henry died as you know

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Unformatted text preview: childhood. By the time she was twelve she had participated with me in decisions which so diversified and extended our fortune that an unstoppable money-mak- ing machine had been <-t '^|kd from the Mayfair capital. We were as active in Boston and New York and London as in the South. Money was in place where it could only make more money, and that money automatically made more money, and so forth and so on, and so it has been really since those days. Mary Beth was a genius at it. And she learnt to use the spirit very skillfully, as her spy, her informant, her observer, her idiot savant adviser. It was quite startling to watch her at work with the being. Meantime we had made the First Street house ours. My brother, Remy, was quiet, retiring, his children sweet and good-natured. My boys were off at school. My poor daughter Jeannette, feebleminded as Katherine had been, died young. That is another tale-all that. My sweet Jeannette, my beloved wife, Suzette. I cannot tell it. After the death of those two, which came much later on, and the dea...
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