Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

julien why do you call him evil they always said at

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Unformatted text preview: bias, the terrified witness, only a baby still in dresses. That's the way they dressed boys then, in dresses. "I saw my father fall over dead at my feet!" "I never meant to kill him," Julien had told Evelyn as they lay in bed. "I never meant for one whole branch of the family to veer off in bitterness and rage, and everyone else has been trying to get them back ever since, but somehow there are two camps. There is here, and there is Amelia Street. I feel so sorry when I think of all that. I was just a boy, and the fool didn't know how to run the plantation. I have no compunction about shooting people, you understand, only that time I didn't plan it, honestly I did not. I did not mean to kill your great-great- grandfather. It was all just the most blundering mistake." She had not cared. She hated Tobias. She hated all of them. Old men. Yet it was with an old man that love had first touched her, in Julien's attic. And then there were those nights when she had walked downtown in the...
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