Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

lock up make sure the gun is in the chest by the bed

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Unformatted text preview: stopped her, rather like a hand on her throat. Maybe it had to do with the peculiar blend of cruelty and protectiveness which Carlotta had always shown for her. The Talamasca history had said that Antha was pushed through the attic window, that the eye was torn from her head. Dear God! Carlotta couldn't have done such a thing. She wasn't surprised that her husband hesitated before responding to her. In the silence she was full of surprise herself. It all loomed before her, and she also knew in these moments the terrible loneliness of her marriage. "You really believe that, Gifford. In your heart of hearts, you, my beloved Gifford, believe that." She didn't answer. Couldn't. She felt too defeated. They had been arguing all of their lives, it seemed. Would it storm, would it shine? Would a stranger rape Mona on St. Charles Avenue as she walked alone at night? Would income taxes go up again? Would Castro be over- thrown? Were there ghosts? Were the Mayfairs witches? Could anyone re...
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