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mitch if we did know what we were doing how could we

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Unformatted text preview: osition. It contains infinitely more protein than human breast milk. But again, it's going to take me months, maybe years, to break all this down. It's a whole new type of placental we are dealing with here. And I barely have what I need to begin." "Rowan was normal," said Lark. "Rowan carried a package of ap- parently useless genes. When conception occurred these genes were switched on to start certain processes." "Yes. The normal human genome functioned consistently and well in her, but she had these extra genes intertwined within the double helix, waiting for some sort of trigger to cause their DNA to begin its instructions." "Are you cloning this DNA successfully?" "Absolutely. But even at the rate that these cells multiply it takes time. And by the way, there is another curious aspect to these cells. They're resistant to every virus I've hit them with; they're resistant to every strain of bacteria. But they are also extremely elastic. It's all in the membrane, as I said befo...
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