Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

mona i am telling you to leave this room now said

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Unformatted text preview: ich they cannot identify." Michael smiled bitterly. "But what does this Dr. Larkin say? Rowan sent him the stuff direct. 171 What does he know? What did she say to him on the phone? I have to know everything." "Rowan was agitated," said Pierce. "She was afraid she might be cut off. She was desperate that Larkin receive the medical material and take it to Keplinger. The whole thing alarmed Larkin. That's why he is cooperating with us. He is devoted to Rowan, doesn't want to break her confidence, but he shares our concern for her." "This Dr. Larkin is here," said Michael. "I saw him at the wake." "Yes, he's here," said Ryan. "But he's reluctant to discuss the medi- cal materials taken to the Keplinger Institute." "One can infer," said Aaron quietly, "from what the doctor is will- ing to say that he has extensive test material on this creature." "Creature," said Ryan. "And there we go off into fantasy land again." He was angry. "We don't know tha...
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