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Unformatted text preview: id to me. I did not move back and forth in time very much, but I saw more detail. And I came to realize that the euphoria I felt in my dream of the Cathedral was the love of God. I learnt this for sure one weekday morning. I was outside the St. Louis Cathedral on Jackson Square, and I heard a lovely singing. I went inside. Little quadroon girls, very beautiful all, "colored children" as we would have called them then, were making their First Communion. They were dressed in gorgeous white, and the ceremony was breath- taking, like so many child brides of Christ filing up the aisle, each with her rosary and white prayer book. The love of God. That is what I felt in the St. Louis Cathedral right in my own little city. And I knew it was what I knew in the glen in the ancient Cathedral. I was stricken. I wandered about all day, evoking the feeling and then doing my best to dispel it. In flashes I saw Donnelaith. I saw its stone houses. I saw its little square. I saw the Cathedral its...
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