Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

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Unformatted text preview: The fiend used us to think! The fiend would only know what it had been if I told it. The idea was born in my mind. Each time, remember more. Be the LASHER fiend, and know the fiend, and ultimately you will possess the truth about it. If the truth can't help, what can? "You tawdry, evil ghost!" I thought, "you are only someone who wants to be reborn. You have no right, you greedy greedy fiend. You have been alive. You are no wise or eternal thing. Go to hell and be gone." I slept again, the livelong day, I was so tired. That night I rode to Riverbend. I called up the band, told them to play "Dixie," for the love of God, and then I sat with Mother. I told her. She would have none of it. "First of all, he is all-powerful and from time immemorial." "The hell." "And next, he will know it if you pit your soul against his. He'll kill you." "Likely." I never confided in her again. I don't believe I ever really spoke to her again. I don't think she much noticed. I went into the nursery. The...
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