Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

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Unformatted text preview: ere bruises on her pale arms and legs. There was evidence of a spon- taneous fracture in her left hip. She bore the bruises and marks of rape. The miscarriage had been extremely violent. There was blood and fluid on her thighs. At six o'clock this morning they had shut off the respirator. She had suffered no complications from the swift and simple surgery. All the tests were completed. They had rushed to take her home at ten a.m. for one simple reason. They had not expected her to live out the day. Her instructions had been very explicit. She had written them out when she took possession of the legacy. She was to die in the house on First Street. "My home." It was all in her own handwriting, completed in the happy days right before the wedding, beautifully in keeping with the spirit of the legacy. To die in Mary Beth's bed. Also there was the superstition of the family to consider. People were standing in the corridors of Mercy Hospital and saying, "She should die in the master bedroom. She should be home." "They ought to take her home to First Street." Old Grandpa Fieldi...
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