Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

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Unformatted text preview: flesh dies." "But I do know, God help me!" Lasher shouted. As Michael came at him again, Lasher kicked Michael hard in the leg and with his own fist drove Michael back against the wall. The blow astonished Michael, coming as it had from the long slender limb which seemed so powerless, and which was obviously not. Michael climbed to his feet. Dizzy. Pain again. No. Not yet. "Damn you," he said, "damn you that you have the strength you do, but this time it will not be enough." He swung at the creature, but the creature dodged the blow, with another broad graceful bowing step. Again the white fist was clenched and smashing against Michael's jaw before he could duck or raise his right arm in defense. "Michael, the hammer!" said Julien. The hammer. On the sill of the open window. The hammer, with which he had searched the house that night, looking for the prowler, and finding only Julien in the dark! He dashed for it, grabbed it by the handle, turned it round, and, holding it with b...
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