Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

oh the gods existed but they were demons they are the

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Unformatted text preview: h. But he had smiled and showed me he was dressed in fine clothes such as I wore. "You want to be in the flesh?" I asked. "You want to see with my eyes? Why don't you come into me? Why don't I welcome you and lie quiet while you are inside, and let you make of me what you will for as long as you have the power to do it?" "You would do this?" "Well, surely my ancestors gave you this invitation. Surely Deborah invited you in or Charlotte." "Do not mock me, Julien," he said in a cold secret soundless voice. "You know I would not go into the body of a woman." "A body is a body," I said. "I am no woman." "Well, now you have a male witch to command. I make the offer. Perhaps it was my destiny. Come into me, I invite you. I lay myself open to you. You have certainly been close enough to me." "Don't mock me," he said again. "When I make love to you it is men with men as always." I smiled. I didn't say anything. Bu...
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