Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

oh yes you will be pleased youll see youre only tired

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Unformatted text preview: nd Michael were to- gether and walking through the field at Donnelaith and she was ex- plaining everything to him, her favorite fancy, the one into which she could sink when she wanted to suffer, to measure, to deny all at the same time. "It was one wrong judgment call after another. I had only certain 203 choices. But the mistake was pride, to think I could do this thing, to think I could handle it. It's always been pride. The History of the Mayfair Witches was pride. But this came to me wrapped in the mys- teries of science. We have such a terrible, terrible misconception of science. We think it involves the definite, the precise, the known; it is a horrid series of gates to an unknown as vast as the universe; which means endless. And I knew this, I knew but I forgot. That was my mistake." She pictured the grass; conjured the ruins; saw the tall fragile gray arches of the Cathedral rising from the glen, and it seemed she was really there and free. A sound jolted her. It was the key in the lock. She grew still and quiet. Yes, the key turning. The outer door was closed loudly and fearlessly...
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