Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

randall began to speak so did fielding but michael

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Unformatted text preview: at." He turned and made a little motion to the nurse. She knew what it meant. Take Rowan's vital signs. I have to go out for three minutes. I won't do it unless you take her pulse. The nurse went about it quickly and made the sign to him: "No change." "Are you sure?" The nurse sighed coldly. "Yes, Mr. Curry." They went down the stairs, Michael going first, a little lightheaded and thinking maybe he ought to eat. Had to remember to eat. Then he remembered. Someone had given him a big plate of dinner. So he should be perfectly all right. He went out on the porch and called the guards from the gate. In a moment there were five uniformed security men around him. Yuri told them. No one from the Talamasca. Only Yuri. Aaron Lightner. Yuri showed them his passport. "You know Aaron," he said. They nodded; they understood. "Well, we're not letting anybody in here, unless we know that person, you know. We've got the nurses' names on a list." Michael walked Yuri back out to the gate. The fresh air felt good....
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