Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

ryan the waters freezing ive had a fire going all day

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Unformatted text preview: What had been so scary about Mardi Gras, Ryan had wanted to know. "That you would all gather there at First Street, just as if Rowan were opening the front door! That's what was so scary." She thought again of that medal. Must go make certain it was in her purse. Later. "You have to realize what this house means to this family," Ryan had said to her. Ryan! As if she had no idea growing up as she had only ten blocks away, with Ancient Evelyn reciting history to her daily. "I'm not speaking of this Mayfair Witches tale now. I'm speaking of us, this family!" She turned her head in against the back of the couch. Oh, if she could only stay in Destin forever. But that wasn't possible and never would be. Destin was for hiding out, not really living. Destin was just a beach and a house with a fireplace. The small white phone nestled into the pillows beside her gave a sudden and jarring peal. For a moment she couldn't remember where it was. The receiver fell off the hook as she grapp...
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