Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

she had laughed and laughed but i am she had said and

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Unformatted text preview: s rather nice, being here. We don't have to talk about Rowan now if you don't want to. Let's have breakfast at the hotel, shall we? Perhaps you want to take a nap. We can meet at the First Street house later. It's just a few blocks away. The family has arranged everything for you." "You know this is really very very serious," said Lark suddenly. The car had come to a halt. They were in front of a little hotel with smart blue awnings. A doorman stood ready to open the limousine door. "Of course it is," said Aaron Lightner. "But it's also very simple. Rowan gave birth to this strange child. Indeed, as we both know, he is not a child. He is the male companion seen with her in Scotland. What we want to know now is can he reproduce? Can he breed with his mother or with other human beings? Reproduction is the only real concern of evolution, isn't it? If he was a simple one-and-only mutation, something created by external forces-radiation say, or some sort of telekinetic ability-well, we wouldn't be all that concerned, would...
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