Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

she said nothing do you think that man would be very

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Unformatted text preview: we should go. It's famous worldwide. It's vast. We can do some work there. And complete all the arrangements directly with the Swiss Bank. And we can plan there. It's best, believe me." "Yes," he said. "And from there, we must return to the States. They are going to be looking for you. And for me. We must return. I am thinking of the place." She fell asleep, dreaming only of the lab, the slides, the tests, the microscope, of knowledge as though it were exorcism. She knew of course she could not do it on her own. The best she could do was get computer equipment and record her findings. She needed a city full of laboratories, a city where hospitals grew as if on trees, where she could go to one large center and then another . . . He sat at the table reading the Mayfair History over and over. His lips moved so fast, it was the humming again. He laughed at things in the history as if they were entirely new to him. He knelt by her and looked into her face. He said, "The milk's drying up, isn't it?&...
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