Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

that was kind of you said michael youre exhausted

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Unformatted text preview: and numerous than my own, impossible for them not to hear. Soldiers had forced the doors! Hundreds streamed into the hall. For every man in armor with a shield and sword, there came a shep- herd or a plowman with a pitchfork or a crude plowshare in his hand. "Witches, witches, witches!" screamed the attackers. I rose to my feet and cried out for silence. Heads were being lopped from bodies. Those who were stabbed were screaming for mercy. Men fought to protect their women. And not even the little children were being spared. The assailants laid hold of me. I was carried out of the hall, and with nie the other monsters, newborn, and the hags from which they had LASHER come. The cold night opened up and it seemed the screams and war cries echoed off the mountains. "Dear God, help us, help us," I cried. "Help us, this is evil, this is wrong, this is not your justice. No. Punish those who are guilty but not all! Dear God!" My body was flung on the stone floor of the Cathedral and I was dragged up the ais...
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