Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

thats true said aaron lightner thats exactly true

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Unformatted text preview: id, looking at this lithe and lovely girl with pale shell-pink tender little mouth protruding beautifully on account of her hollow cheeks, and eyes the color of the gray sky in a rainstorm. "Will you come into our house," I said again, "and there safe be- neath our roof decide if you want to spend your life a prisoner or not? Stella, if I die on the way upstairs, I charge you to save this girl, you hear me?" "You won't die," said Richard, my lover, "come, I'll help you." But I could see the apprehension in his face. He was more worried about me than anyone. Stella led the way. The girl followed, and then Richard came, all but carrying me in his exuberantly manly way, with his arm around me, hoisting me step by step so that I might keep what dignity I had. At last we entered my room on the third floor of the house. "Get the girl some food," I said. "She looks as if she has never had a square meal." I sent Stella off with Richard. I collapsed on the side...
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