Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

the man gestured to the empty coffee shop where

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Unformatted text preview: ere my lady friends! But there is nothing in a brothel that cannot be bought. Stella loved it! This was living, cried Stella, this was life. Stella drank glass after glass of champagne and danced on her tiptoes. Lionel wasn't so certain. But it didn't matter. I was dying! As I sat in the cram-packed parlor of Lulu White's house, listening to the ragtime piano, I thought, I am dying. Dying! And I was as self-centered about it as anyone else. The world shrank and revolved around Julien. Julien knew a storm was coming. And he could not be there to help! Julien knew all pleasure, adventure and triumph were over! Julien was going to be placed in the tomb like everyone else. That morning when we arrived home, I kissed my Stella. I told her that it had been a grand occasion, and then I retired to the attic, certain that I would never leave it again. I lay in the dark night after night, thinking. What if somehow I could come back? What if somehow I could stay earthbound as this thing has done? After all, if it is Ashla...
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