Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

the tall man drew closer his bare knees were filthy

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Unformatted text preview: in this room with me. No one dared to break in the door. Her great-grandfather Tobias came and threatened. His son Walker roared at the gate. I do not know how many others came or what they said, or even where all the quarrels took place. Seems I heard my Mary Beth screaming on the landing at her daughter Carlotta. Seems Richard knocked a thousand times, only to be told by me that all was well. We lay together in the bed, the child and I. I did not want to hurt her. Nor can I blame on her what took place. Let me say we sank into the softest of caresses, and for a long time I cuddled her and sheltered her, and tried to drive away the deep chill of her fear and her loneliness. And fool that I was, I thought that in me, tenderness was now some- thing safe. But I was too much of a man still for anything so plain and simple. I gave her kisses till she knew she must have them, and opened herself to me. ?"/ Through the long night we lay together, musing when all the other voices had died away. She said that she liked my at...
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