Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

there was something sad and whimsical in his smile

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Unformatted text preview: ough, but it wasn't hurtfully rough, and it smelled good. Paper towels. Everything in the little kitchen smelled good. Bread, milk, cheese. Emaleth smelt the milk and cheese. That was the cheese, wasn't it? Bright orange cheese in a block lying on the table. Emaleth wanted this. But she had not been offered it. "We are by nature a gentle and polite people," Father had said. "This is why they have been so hateful to us in times past." "What clothes?" said the man named Jerome, who was taking off his shirt. "There's nothing in this house that's going to fit her." He held out the shirt. Emaleth wanted to take it but she also wanted to look at it. It was blue-and-white-colored. In little squares like the red and white squares on the table. "Bubby's pants will do it," said the woman. "Get a pair of Bubby's pants and give me that shirt." The little house was shining. The red and white squares on the table were shining. If she grabbed the edge of...
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