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this was all true aunt gifford had gotten hysterical

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Unformatted text preview: ct," said her doctor. Mona would never forget the time she'd asked to visit the house when it was still ruined and dirty, when Deirdre sat in her rocker. "I had a dream last night," she'd explained to her mother and to Aunt Gifford. "Oncle Julien was in it, and he told me to climb the fence, whether Aunt Carlotta was there or not, and to sit in Deirdre^ lap." This was all true. Aunt Gifford had gotten hysterical. "Dctn't you ever go near Cousin Deirdre." And Alicia had laughed and laughed and laughed. Ancient Evelyn had merely watched them. "Ever see anybody with your Aunt Deirdre when you pass there?" Alicia had asked. "CeeCee, how could you!" Gifford had demanded. "Only that young man who's always with her." That had put Aunt Gifford over the edge. After that Mona was technically sworn to stay away from First and Chestnut, to never set eyes on the house again. Of course she didn't pay much attention. She walked by whenever she could. T...
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