Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

voices joined me voices and the melancholy sound of

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Unformatted text preview: must put such thoughts out of my mind. "Bring the young Earl's son to me," said the Father Superior again, to send the baffled attendant on his way. 525 I was a cornered animal. I found myself looking to the windows as a means of escape. I was in terror that the man who came into the room would be the Dutchman. This cannot happen to me, I thought, I am in the state of grace. God cannot let the Devil take me to hell. I closed my eyes, and I tried to feel my own soul. Who dares to tell me I have no soul? There came into the room a tall red-haired man, clearly recogniz- able as Scots by his wild and rustic attire. He wore the tartan of plaid, and ragged untrimmed fur and crude leather shoes, and seemed a savage of the wood compared to the civilized gentlemen of Italy, who went about in hose and fine sleeves. His hair was streaked with brown and his eyes dark, and when I looked at him I knew him, but I could not remember from where. Then I saw in memory ... the men standing by the fireplace. The Yule log burning. The Laird of Donnelaith saying, "Burn him!" and these men about to obey the command....
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