Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

well thats old news thats no good nothing new is what

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Unformatted text preview: ues in San Francisco. Not so good." Lightner was clearly surprised. They walked up the concourse to- gether, Lightner's profile rather grave for a moment and distant. "Who vas this, I wonder," he said with unconcealed annoyance. He looked ired, as if he had not slept all night. Lark was feeling better now. The headache was dissipating. He was antasizing about coffee and sweet rolls, and a dinner reservation at commander's Palace, and maybe an afternoon nap. And then he bought of the specimens. He thought of Rowan. That embarrassing ixcitement overcame him, and with it, an ugly feeling of being in- volved in something unwholesome, something all wrong. "Our hotel is only a few blocks from Commander's Palace," said Lightner easily. "We can take you there this evening. Maybe we can pepade Michael to go with us. There has been ... an emergency. Something to do with Ryan's family. Otherwise Ryan would have been here himself. But this colleague of mine? Can you tell me what hap- pened? Do you have luggage?" "No, just my valise here, loaded for a one-night stand." Like most surgeons, Lark liked being up at thi...
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