Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

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Unformatted text preview: iant. She saw the larger scheme of things. And she perceived early on that the demon did not. Let me give an example. There came to New Orleans in the early i88os a musician called Blind Henry. Blind Henry was an idiot savant. There was nothing he could not play on the piano. He played Mozart, Beethoven, Gottschalk, but Blind Henry was otherwise just what the title implies, an utter idiot. When Mary Beth and I attended this concert, she wrote on her program a note to me, right under the nose of the demon, so to speak, who was totally taken by the music. "Blind Henry and Lasher-same form of intellect." This was exactly right. It is a far more mysterious question than we can examine here. And today you know more in the modern world about idiot savants, autistic children and the like. But in her simple way, she was trying to communicate to me: Lasher cannot put either learning or perception into any real context. We, the living, have a context for what we know and feel. This dead thing does not. And having understood this from...
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