Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

who was this asked aaron clytee mayfair said ryan

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Unformatted text preview: swer. Michael, please . . ." On and on it rang. "Ma'am, we've rung twenty times." "Listen, I have to reach somebody. Do this for me. Keep calling. Tell them . . ." Some official objection was coming back. But the huge jarring noise of the truck's diesel enginl|||t|y iterated everything. Smoke came out of the little pipe at the front W the cab. When she turned around, the receiver slipped out of her fingers and banged against the plastic enclosure. The driver appeared to be beckon- ing for her to come. Mother, help me. Where is Father? 3" We are all right, Emaleth. Be still, be quiet. Be patient with me. She stepped forward, one moment sure of the ground and the dis- tance, and all points of reference, and the next minute plunging to the asphalt. Her knees struck with a fierce pain, and she felt herself going over. Mother, I am frightened. "Hang on, baby girl," she said. "Hang on." She had her hands out on the ground to steady herself. Only he...
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