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with your own eyes you saw them were they

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Unformatted text preview: said, "I love you, spirit, as well as you love me!" And then the tears sprang to my eyes. "We will know each other in the darkness someday, Julien," he said. "We will know each other as ghosts when we roam the halls of First Street. I must be flesh. The witches must prosper." I found this thought so terrifying that I said nothing. But be as- sured, Michael, it hasn't been so. I am in no realm that is shared by any other soul. These things cannot be explained; even now my understanding is 329 too dim for words. I know only that you and I are here, that I see you, and you see me. Maybe that is all creatures are ever meant to know in any realm. But I didn't know that then. Any more than any other living being, I couldn't grasp the immense loneliness of earthbound spirits. I was in the flesh as you are now. I knew nothing else, nothing unbounded and purgatorial as what I have since suffered. Mine was the naivete of the living; now it is the confusion and longing of the dead. Pray when I am finished this t...
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