Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

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Unformatted text preview: o me, find me innocent and pure." The crowds of Paris are filled with bizarre figures. It was my imagi- nation, surely, that those on the fringes stared at me, that the gypsies looked, and the deformed ones, those with humps and stunted legs. I closed my eyes and sang my songs in my head. The next night, we put on plain clothes, and we sailed for England. LASHER The mist was thick over the sea. It was now very cold. I was entering the land of winter again, of low skies and dim sunshine, of eternal chill and mystery, the land of secrets, the land of terrible truths. We made landfall four nights later, in Scotland, surreptitiously, for priests were being hunted by Elizabeth and burnt. We proceeded in- land and up into the Highlands, and the winter came down around me like a spider's web which had waited. It was as if the craggy mountains said to me, "Ah, we have you. You had your chance and now it's gone." I could not stop thinking of the man from Amsterdam. But I had one purpose. I would reach Donn...
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