Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

yes im sure you will i said and mary beth and i have

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Unformatted text preview: ssings to Mary Beth; Mary Beth's little baby eyes could make him solid and strong; he guarded the child; he fawned upon her already. And the thing appeared as me! He wore my styles, he affected my manners, he exuded, if you will, my charm! Calling the band together to play, a din I had begun to resent as LASHER much as an aching tooth that would never be pulled, I tried to speak with Marguerite about Lasher, and what he was, and what everyone had ever known of him. She made little sense, speaking only of her power to make plants grow, wounds to heal, and to make potions that might give her longev- ity. "The fiend will someday be flesh, and if it can come through, so can we. The dead can come back through the same doorway." "That's a perfectly dreadful idea," I said. "You think so because you're not dead. Just wait!" "Mother, do you want the earth peopled with the dead? Where are we going to put them?" In a fit of rage, she said, "Why do you ask...
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